We at Wolf Pack Consulting utilize the best of breed technologies to attack common issues Medium to Small see that prevents them from growing their businesses. We provide the following consulting services that help build the foundation for a healthy business:

Sales Consulting – We work with our customers to understand their products and services to identify go to market strategies and provide the Sales Infrastructure (Sales Team Structure, Compensation Plans, Pricing, CRM Selection and Implementation, Sales Lead Generation, Lead Management, Opportunity Creation, Opportunity Management, Opportunity Fulfillment) that allows them to exceed their growth expectations.

IT Consulting – Information Technology in today’s market can be your biggest competitive advantage. Many companies approach using technology as a necessary evil and do not spend the time looking at how to use technology to grow your business. Selecting the right Technology to give you that edge is difficult and that is were we can help. Our Team has many years of experience working with companies like yours developing key IT strategies to use technology as a weapon and drive revenue.

Communications Consulting – In today’s world, there are a wealth or options on how to set up your Telephones and Data Networks. Many of the ISP are offering VoIP solutions with their Data connections but what we have found it with many companies turning to Cloud based solutions their Business Class Service are not adequate. We work with our customers to understand their Cloud utilization and then recommend the correct solution for you. We offer Free Communication Assessments to help you understand if your solution is effective enough to support your business.

Security and Compliance Consulting – Every company today struggles with securing their business both electronically and physically. Through the customers that we have helped, our team has learn Technics and developed strategies on how to defend against the inevitable cyber that is coming to your business. We help you use the right solutions to protect your companies most critical asset DATA from Ransomware, Network Breaches and Viruses.

Those businesses that have regulatory security mandates like HIPAA for Healthcare and PCI for Financial Companies have no choice but to comply or face stiff penalties. In the case of HIPAA compliance, if Patient Care Records are exposed, there could be a fine of up to $20,000.00 per record. My team helps companies insure that they are compliant with the regulations that you company must meet and we work to significantly reducing your exposure to penalties and fines.