We at Wolf Pack Consulting utilizes the best of breed technologies to attack common issues for all sizes of businesses (Enterprise, Medium and Small) that prevents them from meeting their growth goals. We provide the following consulting services that help build the foundation for a healthy business:

Sales Consulting Offerings

Virtual Vice President of Sales:

  • Collaborate with the CEO and the Executive Leadership team to create a sustainable Sales & Revenue Strategy.
  • Creation of Sales Team (Direct or Channel).
  • Develop and manage key sales infrastructure including implementing efficient processes and sales forecasting that is represented within a CRM system.
  • Construct a Sales Compensation plan that attracts the best quality Sales/Partner candidates which stimulates revenue generation.
  • Staff training to drive increased pipeline, opportunity qualification, closure rate, and support revenue growth.
  • Lead complex sales negotiations utilizing acute skills in information exploration and persuasion to emphasize our value proposition, maximize margin, overcome objections, and close business.
  • Measure and report on weekly pipeline development activities tied to monthly pipeline targets.
  • Build account plans and work closely with customer success to explore upsell opportunities.
  • Work with Marketing, Customer Success, Partnerships, and Product Development to maximize team success from campaigns. We also will gather customer content to help formulate the product roadmap.
  • Hire, develop, train, and scale a sales organization (Sales Management, Client Executives, Account Managers, Channel Representatives etc.).
  • Work at an executive level with customers/prospects and participate directly in the key agreements and accounts.
  • Compensation Plans
  • Sales Organizational Structure (Direct or Channel)
  • CRM Implementation
  • Sales Training (Qualification, Opportunity generation, Opportunity management, Deal Negotiation and Closing the Deal)

WiFi Consulting

WiFi has become the connection of choice for many businesses, as most smartphones, tablets and notebooks are equipped with WiFi. It is also expected that most IP traffic will be carried over WiFi, therefore, WiFi access points and network management software are increasingly important to customers. The biggest questions these companies are facing when evaluating deploying new Wifi solution or change existing solution are:

  • What Wifi solution best addresses my business needs?
  • Does my environment need a High Density Wifi solution or is an Enterprise Class solution ok?
  • What is the difference between a hardware controller, Cloud Based Controller and Cloud Controllerless Wifi architecture, and which one will work best for my needs?
  • Which Wifi solutions are the easiest to deploy and maintain?
  • Which solutions addresses my business needs but has the best licensing model for my needs?
  • What is the best size Backhaul for my business need?
  • How can I monetize the Wifi Network?
  • Does the solution provide me with the types of user analytics I need for marketing purposes?

IT Consulting

Information Technology in today’s market can be your biggest competitive advantage. Many companies approach using technology as a necessary evil and do not spend the time looking at how to use technology to grow your business. Selecting the right Technology to give you that edge is difficult and that is where we can help. Our Team has many years of experience working with companies like yours developing key IT strategies to use technology as a weapon and drive revenue.

These are just some of the solutions that Wolf Pack Consulting provides to our customers and partners. If interested in pricing or having any questions, please contact us at sales@wp-consultingllc.com.