Many of our customers are trying to provide ways to reopen their facilities safely and securely! We have looked a number of solutions in the market and found some that at a minimum, facilities should be managing those employees and guests by automatically monitoring their tempature and cleaning the facility after / before events. Here are the solutions that we are recommending.

iR37 Non-contact Facial Thermometer

The iR37 thermometer system incorporates a 7 inch LCD display with a wide-range dynamic camera that measures and displays a person’s temperature using infrared and algorithm technology.

​In-built functions available include:

  • Real-time face recognition
  • Temperature reading with 0.3 accuracy 
  • Ultrasonic dynamic distance measurement
  • Fever temperature alarm & auto notifications
  • Customizable messaging 
  • Access control integration
  • SDK interface 
  • Software and tech support included
  • 24 month warranty included 
  • Purchase & Lease to own options available

Electrostatic Spraying

Our Disinfection Services:

  • Disinfecting Services
  • Sanitizing Services
  • Deep Clean / Impact Cleans
  • Hospital Grade Disinfectants – EPA Registered: List N
  • High-Touch Point Area Focus
  • Color-Coded Microfibers to Reduce Cross-Contamination
  • Electric and Electrostatic Chemical Dispersal Systems
  • Recurring Services Available


Virus Disinfecting Systems

The Coronavirus has been spreading and there have been an increasing number of cases reported in the United States.  This year has also been a difficult one for those impacted by the flu, with over 26 million Americans infected and 18,000 deaths this flu season.  Those most at risk tend to be the elderly and those with underlying health issues.  We understand at a time like this, many businesses have heightened concerns.

We want to assure you that your JAN-PRO® cleaning franchisees are focused on cleaning and disinfecting high risk areas: door handles, light switches, elevator button, faucet handles, stair bannisters, and similar high touch locations.  Now is a good time to recommit to common sense measures to help limit the spread of illness.  For example, you can help by encouraging the use of hand sanitizers and frequent hand washing.

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